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Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing


The services of a plumber near me are very helpful. Water leaks are a common occurrence in today's world of living in residential settings. Modern Space Technical Services is committed to ensuring that a prompt and efficient response is provided to this threat. We offer plumbing services such as the repair and maintenance of faulty pipes, leakage repairs, and the installation of a new water supply system, should the need arise.

As a leading space maintenance company in Dubai. Our company also provides a complete AC duct cleaning service. Our staff is properly trained and applies recognized standards of duct cleaning and maintenance. In the process of cleaning, our team of technicians ensures that only chemical-free substances and biodegradable solutions are used. Additionally, you can rest assured that our team also guarantees that your furniture and home appliances will be protected. We will take full responsibility for any damage that occurs during the cleaning process.

Plumbing and duct cleaning services of the highest quality are our guarantee. For professional and reliable plumbing services in Dubai, look no further than Modern Space Technical Services. Rates are friendly and flexible, according to your needs.

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