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We are a luxury bathroom renovation Dubai called Modern Space. Throughout our business, we have built, renovated, and extended. Installed kitchens and bathrooms for many years. Having been the leading Bathroom Renovation Dubai company for many years. We are ideally placed to assist our clients with anything they need regarding bathroom installation or renovation. Whether it’s plumbing repairs or designing and managing a luxury bathroom installation. Our Bathrooms Renovation Services are of the highest quality.

The quality of your life and the value of your home will be greatly improved by a stylish. Luxurious, and functional bathroom. In addition to helping you make the most effective use of space. We can suggest creative configurations based on our expertise. And experience in designing new bathroom installations. The installation project can be managed by us in all aspects due to our extensive product knowledge.


No matter what kind of bathroom you want. Whether you want a spa-like aesthetic or a boutique hotel-style wet room. A modern freestanding bath, or a traditional, conservative suite, we can create and install it for you. It is possible that you want to upgrade your existing suite to make it more accessible. Based on changing mobility needs, you do not want to compromise on style. You can see our completed projects on our Social Media.

Exactly who are we?

Modern Space is committed to providing you with standard and affordable bathroom remodeling services across Dubai. Our company believes in pouring our hearts and energies into making your bathroom dreams a reality. Our materials and fittings are intended to provide quality work for your next bathroom renovation projects.

We have provided a full range of bathroom renovation and remodeling solutions over the past several years. As a bathroom renovation contractor in Dubai, we strive to provide superior customer service in the industry. That’s why we have achieved a first-class reputation in the renovation sector in Dubai.


Here are some basic things you should know about bathroom remodeling in Dubai.

The first consideration should be: what do you want from your remodeled bathroom? Because a bathroom is most commonly used for its functionality, who are the primary users of the washroom—small children, young people, older people, teenagers, etc.? How much area or space do you have in your bathroom to meet their needs? What bathroom style do you need, and does it fit your home?

Your second consideration should be the budget and the return you may obtain as per the investment. Careful planning and selecting a leading bathroom renovation Dubai company like us can make a difference in your work. We will renovate a modern, latest-generation decorative bathroom that will still feel up-to-date for the next 25–30 years.



Basically, construction materials include all equipment, fittings, finishes, and associated transportation costs. We may pass business discounts on to you when we get all the materials through our relationships with vendors and suppliers. However, we must be informed before beginning the project if customers want to source it themselves.
It varies based on what needs to be done, but generally, expect the renovation to take around 2-3 weeks. This can take up to 6 weeks for a high-end bathroom, as you may need to wait for custom-made items like the vanity and other bathroom appliances. If you are simply considering the resurfacing or tile-over-tile options, allow a week.
We provide a three-year craft warranty on all work performed and a manufacturer's warranty on all the fittings and fixtures.
Consider alternative products that are more affordable. Bathroom flooring that can be easily installed Consider alternative wall ideas for your bathroom. It is important to choose your wall art wisely. Remodel your bathroom vanity. Organize your bathroom. Focus on the aspects.
Standard bathroom renovation – 75,000AED to 1,30,000AED Expect costs to range between 50,000 AED and 1,000,00 AED for a bathroom renovation in Dubai. The price range to renovate a bathroom generally depends on the size of the space and where you live.
On average, bathroom remodels cost around 35,000 AED. The cheapest budget-friendly remodel can be done for 10,000 AED, while high-end projects can cost upwards of 115,000 AED. The cost will change depending on the scope.
One-day bathroom remodels are perfect if you've been putting off your bathroom remodel because you can't stand the idea of closing this high-traffic room for weeks. You can completely transform the look of your space without causing long-term disruptions to your daily routine.
Depending on the size of the remodel, a bathroom remodel can take between three and four weeks. You should expect most remodels to take at least a month to complete, but larger jobs may take up to 4-6 weeks.
Build twin sinks. Installing an extra sink in a shared bathroom can be a great idea. The lighting needs to be updated. Build custom storage into your system. Neutral colors are a good choice. The tile needs to be replaced. The shower should be updated.
A full bathroom renovation extends beyond the damp area. It may include a new floor, a new vanity and countertop, a new toilet, new lights, mirrors, medicine cabinets, an exhaust fan, and new wallpaper as well.
When the square footage of each space and the quality of fixtures and finishes are comparable, the price of remodeling a bathroom is generally much lower than remodeling a kitchen.
The difference between a remodel and a renovation is that a remodel changes the way something looks (like adding a shower to an existing bathroom), while a renovation restores something old to good working order (fixing a creaky floor, for example).

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